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Photo of the Day

After weeks of prototyping and building, the Robotics class finally put their racing robots to the test.

Yesterday, Ms. Rowell and Ms. Vanier's Form IV Robotics class held their first round of robot races in the Student Centre. The competition was fierce, but the sportsmanship overflowed as the cars zoomed to the finish line after each race. After a few races, the groups took a much needed 20-minute pit stop to spruce up their machines before competing in the final round of the morning. The current standings are as follows:

Phoebe and Adrian's No Name Brand in first place with 9 points
Mathé and Emilio's The Risitas in second place with 8 points
Jake and Vale's I Built a Tank ‘Cause I was Bored in third place with 8 points
Tomáš and Lazare's Don’t Be the Slowest Ones in fourth place with 5 points
Alex, Zihao, and Joona's Team Tostitos in fifth place with 5 points
Daniel and Bella's Fast and (not so) Furious in sixth place with 3 points
Ali and Tonya's Probably the Slowest Ones in seventh place with 1 point

Teams in first to fourth place will be competing in the final showdown tomorrow at 11:00 AM. Who will claim first place?

Pssst... head to Flickr for photos of yesterday's race and robot building.

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